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Billing Questions

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Error at Checkout

Credit card information must match exactly how it shows on your credit card, Your billing address must match your credit card. The #1 error for credit card processing is the billing address does not match the credit card. Please check with your bank and make sure you're using the right billing address. Example, you may have gotten your card when you lived at a different address or you may have cards registered to different addresses for example a PO box and a physical address, make sure the card you are using matches the correct billing address

Billing will be done through Motorcycle Gear Superstore or Billy's Biker Gear for Credit Cards and Our personal account for Paypal

Don't be alarmed if you order products through Coon Hunting Supplies and your credit card statement shows a debit to Motorcycle Gear Superstore / Billy's Biker Gear or if you use Paypal and you see a debit through our personal account.

In order to save on costs, we decided to use only one merchant account for handling our billing. All credit card billing will go through Motorcycle Gear Superstore or Billy's Biker Gear and Paypal debits will go through our personal account

Thanks, Coon Hunting Supplies