How to Select the Best Coon Hunting Light

Posted by Coon Hunting Supplies on 11/25/2018 to News
When selecting a coon hunting light, there are many factors to consider. This article about coon hunting lights will give you some good ideas to consider before selecting and purchasing a coon hunting light.

Things to Consider When Buying a Coon Hunting Light.

Don't go to the store and buy the first light that you find and take it on your hunt, do a little bit of research. Here are four key things to consider when buying a coon hunting light:

Weight, you’re going to be lugging around a hunting light for the duration of your trip. While you might not think comfort is a big deal, carrying a heavy coon hunting light will get old fast. Save your energy and make your hunt more enjoyable by choosing a lightweight coon hunting light.

Batteries are bulky and uncomfortable to carry around, but you can not use your coon hunting light without them. If you don't want to be stuck with a pocket full of batteries, choose a coon hunting light that has a reputation for long battery life.

Distance – Raccoons are skittish creatures that will do everything in their power to evade humans. A coon hunting light that has a weak beam, means that you will have to get closer to your target to see. Choose a coon hunting light that can shine a beam powerful enough to spot that raccoon hiding in a tree.

Brightness – Any experienced raccoon hunter will tell you that they’re excellent at hiding. Only a coon hunting lamp capable of putting out high intensity light will work for your hunting sessions

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Types of Coon Hunting Lights

Coon hunting belt lights are preferred by most coon hunters because the weight of the light is carried by a belt attached to your waist. Also if your cap falls off, the light will still be attached to your belt and not roll down a hill with your cap.

Coon hunting cap lights are preferred by some coon hunters, because everything is attached to the cap. Most of the batteries are light weight and attach to the back of the cap, so they are comfortable to wear. The risk is if your hat falls off and rolls down a hill, so does your light.

Coon hunting box lights, some are small enough to fit in your pocket. Coon hunting box lights are great for young hunters and kids, because they are light weight and can easily be carried. Typically smaller box lights don't hold a charge as long as cap lights and belt lights, but the are great for younger hunters.

Hunting spotlights are great for spotting coon and other varmints. The good thing about a good spotlight is you can spot game or your dogs from your vehicle. Most hunting spotlights are rechargeable and can com with a car adapter for charging.

A hunting gun light is a great accessory to add to your gun. Shooting a coon out of a tree, or shooting other varmints with a gun light can free up your hands from holding a light down the barrel of your gun. Some gun lights come with options of different colored lights, so you don't spook what you are shooting at

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