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LED 7 Plus One 21 Volt Belt Light Package
LED 7 Plus One 21 Volt Belt Light Package

LED 7 Plus One 21 Volt Belt Light Package

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Part Number:LED7PlusOne-LIGHT-STAR

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The Plus One 21 volt belt light has the same head as the red eye but you can choose green or amber LED lights. This is a very bright LED producing 1100 lumens. The head is light weight with an aluminum ring as its base. It features five super bright white LED that will shine the tallest trees. PLUS it has two RED LED. Flip the toggle switch and you have red LED for shining that is also controlled by the click switch. It is light, it is bright and it has a 5 position click switch with a standard phono jack on the cord. It has a very focused beam that throws a tight spot. 

Add to this exceptional burn times; 
Position 1: 225 hours 
Position 2: 50 hours 
Position 3: 18 hours 
Position 4: 7 hours 

We think this light has a lot of features you will like. This head will burn when connected to any 21-28 volt battery pack but you will not be able to regulate the brightness without a special switch. This battery pack is 21-volt nimh battery and is rated at 2700 mAH and weighs just over 1.5 pounds. The standard 21 volt 4000 mah battery pack is shown in the picture for comparison. Two-year warranty on LED, 3 years on battery pack. Choose belt size from the drop-down menu. Contact us with any questions. 

Package Includes: Battery pack, belt, head, and smart charger. 


LED Color: Choose Green or Amber

Strobe Flicker Switch: Added as a push-button switch to control box provides flicker at all brightness settings. 

Upgrade to 26 Volt: Upgrade to a 26 volt battery pack.