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Mini Side Kick Spider Eye Coon Hunting Light
Mini Side Kick Spider Eye Coon Hunting Light

Mini Side Kick Spider Eye Coon Hunting Light

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The Mini side kick is as its name implies, a smaller coon hunting belt light weighing about 1.5 lbs. With no controls on the head piece light brightness is controlled through a click switch on the battery box. The 21 Volt Mini Sidekick is designed for use with the 5 LED head which produces approximately 1000 lumens and gives abundant burn times for the hardest hunter. This light is not equipped with spotlight jacks, however with its brightness; chances are you'll never need a spotlight. This light is equipped with 2000 MAH batteries. This particular model of the mini-sidekick is equipped with spider eye head. The spider eye package is equipped with 5 white LEDs and 2 red LEDs in the headpiece. A toggle switch located on the bottom of the head piece selects red or white - many hunters believe colored LEDs help find coon eyes.

* 2000 MAH battery pack
* Smart charger with LED indicator
* 4 position click switch
* LED walk light
* Red and Amber pop cover.

Burn Times on white LEDs
* Click 1 : 260 hours
* Click 2 : 90 hours
* Click 3 : 27 hours
* Click 4 : 4 hours